Monday, August 3, 2009

Poem - Sustained by You

Sustained By You
by K. L. Kraemer

You warm my thoughts daily as an ongoing burst from the sun's rays.
To encounter new understanding from Your steadfast Word, living and true,
Shaloms* a fortress, solid and unbroken, enduring forever,
And a stream of running water
Around the roots of my being as a tree planted nearby with a clear view,
For to yield fruit ripened toward Your cause is my chief endeavor.

Encompassed about are those to ridicule Your Word,
And their anger at my belief is faintly amusing.
In meekness, I can dismiss their weak hearts as they elevate
A theory of failing premise
To the status of a god, blindly clinging toward a conclusion
That reflects a collective mind, restless and second rate.

The world is in Your hands, and soon Your mystery will be fulfilled.
Expectantly I wait as Your homage will not much longer be suppressed.
As You are not a God who takes pleasure in wrongdoing,
Integrity is my walking stick.
I lean to You in reverence that my inner health is worth pursuing,
And in peace I sleep, for You, Lord, sustain me within the circle of Your nest.
*Original wording changed based on idea from comment given by friend and fellow poet Jo Standfield.

Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you; He shall not permit the righteous to be moved. -- Psalm 55:22

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