Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Centuries of aggression against Christians bring about the Crusades

Siege of Antioch
"The Crusades were but a temporary setback to Islamic expansion, and the source of endless arguments that sought to establish some moral equivalence between Muslims and Christians at first, and eventually to elevate the former to victimhood and condemn the latter as aggressors. 
The Battle of Manzikert
Far from being wars of aggression, the Crusades were a belated military response of Christian Europe to over three centuries of Muslim aggression against Christian lands, the systemic mistreatment of the indigenous Christian population of those lands, and harassment of Christian pilgrims. 
Philip of France and the Third Crusade
The postmodern myth, promoted by Islamic propagandists and supported by some self-hating Westerners--notably in the academy--claims that the peaceful Muslims, native to the Holy Land, were forced to take up arms in defense against European-Christian aggression.  This myth takes A.D. 1095 as its starting point, but it ignores the preceding centuries, starting with the early caliphs, when Muslim armies swept through the Byzantine Empire, conquering about two-thirds of the Christian world of that time."  Taken from The Sword of the Prophet, Serge Trifkovic, Regina Orthodox Press, Inc., 2002, pg. 97

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