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America Helps Israel

It was the year 1973 when twelve Arab nations lined up their tanks, armored carriers, and troops along the desert against a tiny army fighting for the survival of its country. The tiny army's supply of ammunition was dangerously low, and Israel knew it was on the brink of annihilation.

The situation had been building up for weeks and hope for the determined Jews was hanging on by a thread. Prime Minister Golda Meir wrote in her diary about committing suicide, and her cabinet members were set to go on exile.

Meanwhile overseas In America, the President was experiencing his own darkest days as he was in the middle of the Watergate controversy. Congress had advised him to concentrate on dealing with those problems; he could not take on any more new projects, especially not in regard to foreign policy.

Meir had already made her plea to America. She had talked to Henry Kissinger because he was both the Secretary of State and a Jew: "She tried to encourage Henry Kissinger to make Israel a top priority. He sent her a letter: 'I would like to inform you that I'm first an American citizen, second Secretary of State, and third a Jew.' She responded back to him: 'In Israel we read from right to left.'

As she reflected upon her failed pleas, she somehow found the courage to try once more. Golda Meir picked up the phone and made one last desperate attempt in reaching out to America. She directly telephoned Nixon at 3 a.m. and woke him up.

Having his ear, she made him understand that Israel's existence would cease if they did not get help, and she explained that America was her last hope.

With problems of his own, Nixon was barely listening. He had already been advised specifically against helping Israel, but then he experienced a strange and brief flashback. Half asleep, he remembered what his mother had told him. As a youth, she had read from the Bible to him almost every evening. There was one point when she told him that if ever he were in a position to help Israel, he must do so. It was one lesson among many, but those prophetic words stuck with him.

As they spoke, the battlefront was alive and burning to go. It contained more than 600 Syrian tanks lined up while the other five nations were licking their chops, ready to strike with thousands of their own heavily armed troops. The Arabs hated Israel and they were going to do away with her once and for all.

After his conversation with the Israelite Prime Minister, it had dawned on Nixon that Israel was the reason why he was made President at that particular time. God had placed him there to help that country now clinging to the last hours of its life. He knew what he had to do.

Knowing that he signed his own death warrant, so to speak, Nixon prepared a presidential order to send equipment to Meir's small democratic country. Within 24 hours, her grateful army received planes, Sherman tanks, weapon carriers, and ammunition as he okayed sending planeload after planeload to resupply the depleted Israeli military stocks.

While estimates vary slightly, Colonel Trevor N. Dupuy, U.S. Army, writes in Elusive Victory that the American resupply included 815 total sorties bringing Israel 56 combat aircraft and 27,900 tons of munitions and supplies. Taken together with the Soviet resupply to Arab countries fighting Israel, military analysts told Time magazine that it was the largest airlift in the history of both countries.

From the book Against All Odds, the story is told that as Israeli tanks moved on in the evening, a tank crew commander lifted out of his tank and ordered his men to take out their knives and start digging the ground behind their tank and they extracted a landmine. They had to proceed very carefully, digging for mines slowly as they progressed.

But out of nowhere, strong gusty winds engulfed the vast desert field for 36 seconds. Once the winds stopped, the moon came forth with its light. Made visible were thousands of landmines, and the Israel tanks were able to pass through the mine field safely and onto their destiny.

When the fiercest encounter started, Israel's bombers and fighter planes, including the U.S. Sherman tanks, were a surprise as they annihilated the multi-nation Arab armies. No matter what the Arabs tried, the Israelis were one step higher in resolve and strategy. The world watched while Israel's ground troops advanced to drive the retreating Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, and Syria back to their homeland enraged and defeated.

Hundreds of the enemies tanks, artilleries, weapon carriers, and planes laid frustrate in the vast desert of the battlefield. It was the third war since Israel gained her independence from the British in 1948, and the third war won by Israel. Long live Israel, and may God bless America.

It is interesting to note that Sir Isaac Newton, a great Bible scholar who was particularly fascinated by the prophecies of Daniel, had foreseen a large "friendly kingdom" who would one day help the restored nation of Israel.

Nixon: The rumor persists that Richard Nixon was anti-semitic. In reading some of what he said, this author concludes that he disliked the Jews in America, not because they were Jews, but because they were liberal in their politics. I read where he had a conversation with Billy Graham who expressed a similar view. Graham was friends with Nixon and had agreed with him on several points in regard to America's left-leaning Jews as well as the atheistic college professors infiltrating our institutions, though his personality was far less dark than Nixon's.

"I think 90 percent of them are atheists or worse. They have no confidence in themselves; they have no faith in this country," said Nixon. Graham agreed: "They're undermining the country."

On September 26, 1962, the Kennedy Administration had broken a long-standing policy of not selling arms to middle-east nations by agreeing to sell defensive missiles to Israel, thus making JFK the first President to officially support Israel in spite of his father's anti-semitism and in spite of Defense Secretary McNamara's strong advice to the President to stay out of the Middle East. There is a theory that Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy because of his brother's decision to help Israel.

When thou goest out to battle against thine enemies, and seest horses, and chariots, and a people more than thou, be not afraid of them: for the LORD thy God is with thee, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt. For the LORD your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you. Deuteronomy 20:1,4

Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail.
Deuteronomy 31:6

He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them that hated me: for they were too strong for me.
2Samuel 22:18

And there came a man of God, and spake unto the king of Israel, and said, Thus saith the LORD, Because the Syrians have said, The LORD is God of the hills, but he is not God of the valleys, therefore will I deliver all this great multitude into thine hand, and ye shall know that I am the LORD.
1Kings 20:28

And they shall be as mighty men, which tread down their enemies in the mire of the streets in the battle: and they shall fight, because the LORD is with them, and the riders on horses shall be confounded.
Zechariah 10:5

The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken to pieces; out of heaven shall he thunder upon them: the LORD shall judge the ends of the earth; and he shall give strength unto his king, and exalt the horn of his anointed. 1Samuel 2:10

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