Thursday, March 24, 2016

Two Christians spared during Brussels attacks

Laura Harper and Laura Billiet heard an explosion early Tuesday while walking into the Brussels airport. Their first reaction was to pray as Harper relates,
"At first I was a complete coward, hiding under the desk. I thought maybe they have guns, maybe people are going to start shooting us. We were praying."

Their timing would have put them in the line of fire if it weren't for a friend who wanted a snack before reaching the airport.  The slight delay very well may have saved their lives. 

According to Harper, 
"If we had arrived one minute earlier, we would have been right inside, right where it the counter I was going to. I'm just so grateful."

The Islamic State claimed a death toll of at least 30.

Joyce Meyer posted prayers to Facebook.

"This morning three explosions went off in Brussels, Belgium, killing 34 people and wounding 170 more. Today, we stand in prayer with the people of Belgium knowing that God is our hope."


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