Saturday, March 30, 2013

'Let Us Go On' by Annie Johnson Flint

Let Us Go On
Some of us stay at the cross,
Some of us wait at the tomb,
Quickeded and raised together with Christ,
Yet lingering still in its gloom.
Some of us bide at the passover feast
With Pentecost all unknown--
The triumps of grace in the heavenly place
That our Lord has made our own.
If the Christ who died had stopped at the cross
His work had been incomplete,
If the Christ who was buried had stayed in the tomb
He had only known defeat;
But the Way of the Cross never stops at the Cross,
And the Way of the Tomb leads on
To victorious grace in the heavenly place
Where the risen Lord has gone.
So, let us go on with our Lord

To the fulness of God He has brought,
Unsearchable riches of glory and good
Exceeding our uttermost thought;
Let us grow up into Christ,
Claiming His life and its powers,--
The triumps of grace in the heavenly place
That our conquering Lord has made ours.
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