Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

by Kara L. Kraemer

The dawn's sun sparkled on that day of days
Smiling a secret as it sent its first rays.
Lilies of white swayed to pleasant chants very rare
As harmonizing angels sweetly blest the air.

One angel of lightening bright visible to see,
Told that Jesus had already gone to Galilee.
Stunned and afraid to believe, the women were amazed
That Jesus could utterly walk away from His grave.
Long ago was a sign served within God's plan of harmony
When Jonah illustrated Jesus in the dark days of three.
The day had come when the sign became understood as prescribed.
Adam brought death, while Jesus its antidote is alive!

Peter and John saw linens left in the tomb;
Hope in their souls replaced previous gloom.
Witnesses to the miracle, then they were given
The power of courage on high straight from heaven
About repentance and forgiveness they went out to proclaim
Throughout the east, west, north, and south the glory of His name,
That He alone is the way and the key to salvation
And remembered above all during Easter's celebration.

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