Tuesday, January 4, 2011

American Atheists erect new billboard proudly declaring all religions are scams

Huntsville, Alabama: American Atheists erected a billboard over the weekend, which is seen by northbound traffic on US-231 Memorial Parkway, a billboard which claims that all religions are scams. "This is a great news day for American Atheists!"

While all religions are scams, according to the billboard, "American Atheists" has been "telling the truth since 1963."

Blair Scott, communications director for American Atheists, expressed a purpose for the ad:

"[O]ur target is not the Christians, but all the atheists and agnostics still in the closet who are still pretending, still playing the game, still putting up a facade."

Like who? There is no advantage in pretending to be a Christian, not on earth and not for hope in afterlife.

American Atheists openly and carelessly throw out accusations against people of religion, saying they "scam" to raise money via a fraudulent business scheme, that leaders attempt to intentionally mislead to receive financial or other gain and that their followers are willing victims.

According to American Atheists, all religions receive money from the flocks who are deceived.  However, the atheist group neglects in comment that many non-Christians also give to Christian organizations such as the Salvation Army or Samaritan's Purse because they've seen and believe in the good work such organizations do for humanity.

American Atheists goes on to contend,

"Billions of adherents, many of whom are preachers themselves, all victims of this Great Scam. Some know it's a scam, yet defend religion because they like the lies. They like the fraud. They like the false sense of security. Unfortunately, no matter how much you like a lie, it doesn't make it truth. It DOES make religion a great scam if victims are willing to defend it, even in the face of truth."

Billions? Nobody likes fraud or a false sense of security. In fact, many a Christian throughout history has given up security for their belief.

Do these billboard atheists in America even understand that Jesus and His disciples are a proven fact of history, as much as any historical figure from ancient times? Do they understand witnesses, including those outside the Bible, have documented the wonders of Christ? Do they know what this man Jesus taught? Atheists may refute that Jesus knows clearly about the afterlife while we do not; but they can't refute that many of us truly believe in Jesus as the Son of God.

After the death of Jesus, the disciples hid and were afraid, disenchanted, and discouraged. When He resurrected and appeared to them, they underwent a transformation. Suddenly and seemingly inexplicably, they became without fear. They carried His message to remote parts of the world, all of them eventually (exception John) experiencing a martyred death. Not one of them denied their faith when a simple denial would have saved their lives. Not one.

Reword the atheist's quote, "religion a great scam if victims are willing to defend it, even in the face of truth" to "religion a great power since believers are willing to cling to it, even in the face of death."

Christians are used to being ridiculed by non-believers, and it will be interesting to see how people of other faiths respond to this ad.

For original article/video of ad, click here.

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